So this week has mainly been a getting ready for camp kind of week. I bought everything that I had left to buy for camp, went to the post office and sent off some packages that needed to be sent, went out to eat with friends, and shopped a little more! so overall, its been a very productive week.

Along with all the prep for camp i fit in some crafting. This first craft I did was the string state art from pinterest! I had started it in like December (aka I painted the piece of wood it was going onto) and hadn’t touched it since, so I decided that I would go ahead and get it done. It was pretty time consuming to get all the nails in place, but after that it wasn’t terribly hard. I think it turned out pretty decent. If I ever did this craft again, I would probably do it on a bigger piece of wood so that I could write something on it! Here is the link to the craft is you want to do it, and some pictures of mine!


I also did some tie dying! my shirts came out so good, i can not wait to start wearing them! i ended up doing 5 shirts, but i still have some more i might do 2 or 3 more before camp! I wanted to save some so I can tie dye at camp too! I am so happy with how they turned out!

So I have done two crafts, and I might do a couple more before i leave for camp! tomorrow I am taking Ry and maybe Easton to go paint some pottery! (its becoming a tradition!)


show me some love as always ❤